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Happy Puppy Family Testimonials!! Videos, Pictures, Written testimonies too!

Please send us your videos, pictures and updates with the form below ~ we love to hear from you and see how beautiful your new babies are growing up to be!

happy frenchie family testimonial! happy frenchie family testimonial! happy frenchie family testimonial!

Dear Vic and Mary,

We want you to know how much we enjoy Gabie. She is precocious in every way.
She has learned multiple signs in a very short time: sit, stay, come, no, out
and learning many more. She is very expressive and can read us very well.

House training has been a breeze, very few accidents, She will go to the door
and jump on a rubber maid container to get to her leash to let us know she needs out.

She loves playing with other animals and children. She is very out going
and friendly to everything an everyone. She loves going to work with me and
does the rounds to get loves and kisses from everyone, She hits that door and
know every office to glad the allowed me to keep her there for 2 months.

She loves the chess pieces...they are metal, she loves the computer,
she watches it and paws it to make things move.
She only barks when we are out of sight.
She is kennel trained and sleeps through the night.
She is very independent and yet loves to snuggle and hang out with all of us.

What more can we say but we love our Frenchton!!!

Thanks again for entrusting her to us, we are all the better for it.

Rianne and Bob

Hi Mary- I just wanted to update you on Egon, formerly Bunny 2- He is AMAZING.
I am so impressed by how well socialized, mannered and put-together he is! Luckily on his first couple of days he got to meet several of me and my roommates friends and he was so kind, and eager to be in their laps, too.
When we got home, the one thing that coaxed him out of his cage was his Angelina Growlie toy and he pounced on that!
They are pretty inseparable like I knew they’d be. He only whimpers into a slight howl when I leave but he calms down soon after and doesn’t make a sound after. It’s only been 5 days and he is responding to the litter training- was he practicing in Oregon, because he is smart!
I will send pictures soon once this adaptation period stabilizes and you can see what a wonderpup you helped breed.
Have a great day!Bob

Hi Mary! I wanted to send you an update on BUNNY2!
In the 2 short months we've been together, Egon and I are thick as thieves. He is was (and still is) definitely tough training and getting used to the new dynamic but he is so brilliant and smart that he makes it fun. Egon dances on command (I still haven't gotten him to sit but that's due to my own fault/priorities of commands) and adores everyone who comes into contact with him-as they equally adore him. He has gotten so big and looks more like a little big dog than a chihuahua! I love him.
I attached some pics!
1- The day I snuck him into work - here he is charming my co-worker
2-him just yesterday in his comfy trundle fauxfur bed (I am jealous)
3- Egon looks uncannily like the japanese artist, Yoshitomo Nara's dog drawings so I had to let him meet the artist's "Pup in a Cup"
4- Egon and me before work one day
he loves chasing leaves blowing on the sidewalk, physical releasing his sexual urges on his angelina jolie toy (R.I.P.-the stuffing came out!), and being the STAR at the vet. If they stick a shot in him, he is too busy licking their faces to notice. Needless, to say their faces light up when I come in to visit, and it isn't for me. He is all up to date on his shots but the neutering will be in about a month or so. he is super healthy and EXTREMELY energetic.
Take care! I hope all is well!

Hi Mary,

We want to thank you so much for the wonderful, educational tour that you gave our family yesterday. You spent the time we needed to be able to make a good decision, and we're so happy that you had puppies that seem to suit what we were looking for! We just paid the deposit on the two male puppies that we fell in love with...(I'm sending you the pictures I took so we can remember exactly which light one we had chosen, since we know they'll keep changing.) We have already told our friends about what a great kennel you have there and how much energy you and Vic are putting into making it so clean and organized. You are an example of what a good breeder is supposed to be like. The girls are very excited, (and so are we), so as soon as you feel the puppies are ready, we'll be there to bring them home. For now, we are going to watch the videos you have posted and get our home "puppy proofed!" We've decided on names...the brown one is going to be "Reese", and the lighter one, "Levi." We assure you that they will have plenty of love and attention around here! Thanks again for your time and your passion for what you are doing. We look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely,
The Family ~Lee, Leesa, Laycee, Lydia, and Lorissa

Mary and Vic,
It was so very nice to meet you and see all of your babies on Sunday. You have a wonderful place and we could tell that you really love the dogs and everything involved in their care.
We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new little boy. We have named him Stryder and he is wonderful! He really came out of his shell after a day of adjustment. He is very lively, snuggly, and smart. He is eating well, sleeping most of the way through the night, and is doing fairly well with using his potty mats. We set him up with a safe and cozy area to play when we can't be right there to watch him, and he seems to like having his own space. He and our big dog, Sheila, are getting along well, though they are both shy around each other, and he already has his favorite toys.
I will send pictures soon. It is hard to get photos of him doing anything other than sleeping, because when he is awake he hardly stops moving!
Thank you again for everything. I will send some photos soon.

Vic and Mary!
Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family!
Chloe's ride home was a little stressful for her. I thought she would fall asleep, but she didn't. She got sick twice. Both times on Michael's leather coat. He just said oops! and wiped it up!
The meeting of the other animals went great. Rosie plays nanny and keeps a good eye on Chloe. I had to correct Paco only twice. Everyone is falling happily into their routine.
I fixed Rosie's big kennel up for Chloe on the first night. She went right to sleep. I was up a 2 am and took the dogs outside. I put Chloe back in her kennel and got back into bed. She started howling. Michael got up and put her in bed with us! She now sleep every night with us in bed curled up to my neck! Michael is a bigger softy than I thought. I think he just got discouraged because of Paco. We are working on that issue and Paco isn't pleased. He is pouting but he will be okay. He gets plenty of extra love.
Chloe is such a joy and so funny. She has such a happy personality and is very outgoing. We all love her very much. Even Michael is talking "little baby talk" to Chloe.
I am sending some pictures. I hope they make it.
Thank you again!!! Vicki

Mary and Vic,
We had a wonderful time today picking out our sweet little puppy. Katie and Jacob--my two little children--have already named him JJ...stands for Jacob Jr. because he really is Jacob's twin. :D Thank you so much for all the time and attention you showed us. Your kennels are AMAZING in every way and you two are absolutely perfect for what you are doing. I am sure your success will make that very apparent as time goes on. Mary, I LOVED the slide show. I'd been raving to my family about how clean and organized your kennels were and when I got home I was able to email them all the link and say watch the slide show you'll see what I meant! It really is a great asset and I can honestly say it looks every bit as great in person.
Thank you again. It was a very fun day for all of us. My sweet 16 year old had been torn about taking the time to come because she had other committments with school and church. All the way home she told me how grateful she'd been to be surrounded by those little puppies and feel their love. Watching our little puppy lay his head on her knee had nearly made us both cry. I have to say her heart belonged to the tiny little black girl, but knowing that JJ will love her she felt fine with the doggie Katie chose.
With a very happy and grateful heart!

Mary and Vic,
Please rest assured that all of your time and efforts have paid off. We could not be happier with our new little guy. He is everything you described, and then some. He is calm and happy and friendly and quiet........just like you said he would be! We have been following your advice and everything is going smoothly. He hasn't had one single accident! He is lovable and playful . He is eating and sleeping and simply melting our hearts! We are so glad we found you. Hats off to you, Mary, and Vic and of course Clementine and Prince. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
We are secretly hoping that Al's parents will fall in love with him and maybe adopt his brother if you didn't find a home for him yet. They have been wanting a dog since they recently retired. You never know!
Sincerely, Al and Wendy

Mary and Vic,
I don't have any new pictures yet but I wanted to let you know that our Vet did compliment us, which I credit to you, that Buddy is an amazingly healthy puppy :)
You take really good care of your dogs and puppies and it shows. Thanks for everything!
Max, our chocolate lab who officially weighed in at the Vet's office recently at 111 lbs. tries to play with Buddy and Buddy tries to play with him, it is really funny to watch but we can't really let them play out of fear that Buddy will get squashed!! :)
I will send you some more pics in the near future.

Hi Mary!!
Our little girl has fit into the family so well that it is hard to believe that she has only been here a week. It took a couple of days for her to break out of her shell but now she is playful and has fun picking on the cats and Tonka our male Chihuahua. Thank you for the wonderful addition to our family. I will try to send you pictures soon.

Good Morning Vic & Mary,
Just wanted to let you know Brutus is doing fantastic! He has grown a lot in the last two weeks. He is currently sleeping on my lap. I might need to get a larger computer chair so we can both be more comfortable. :) His hair is getting longer and darker. We clipped his toenails and he did great. He brings so much joy to our days he is eating very well and seems to be very happy here with us.
We are going to take some new pictures so I'll send you some once we do. His ears aren't up yet but now they are sort of sticking out instead of being flat on his head. He is definately in some kind of teenager phase.
Thanks again so much

Mary, The puppies are doing great the little one is very outgoing and playful, that would b Jasper. Cooper is a somewhat shy and more mellow, loves 2 be held...more of a lapdog. My sisters pupy is amazing, so adorable sweet, confident and playful. She already walks on a leash even! My sister was taking a bath and she wanted in the tub so they took a bath together. My sis is totally in love w her, and shes so gorgeous!
Sincerely, Kolya

Mary and Vic,
Isabella Boo Laces (we call her Bella) is doing very well. She sleeps through the night and she is happy and healthy. She adores my daughter Indi and our Rat Terrier/Chi Jack. Jack adores her as well and he thinks it is his personal responsibility to look after her. We all love Bella dearly. Thank you so much! Happy Holidays from the Jacobs.

Just want to send you an up date for Tucker Blue. Sorry it's taken so long. My little girl McKinzie just loves him sooo much! We all do. I can't thank you enough. I tell everyone about you. I'm ready for a girl. I have never thought of getting a little dog and thanks to my little girl who kept asking for a Chihuahua. He is wonderful and spoiled! I now am a Chihuahua lover! Thanks again!!!
Lanene & McKinzie

Hey Mary!!
Week one is almost down and i wanted to do a quik update for you.
DEXTER IS THE BEST! i love him to pieces! my parents love him, my friends love hime, my boyfriend loves him, his parents... everyon that sees hiM! But most of all, hes exaxctly what i was looking for! the perfect puppy! Ive already smothered him with love and affection! He sleeps with me at night, hes with me all day, he already knows how to chase a ball and return it to yo! And hes already trained to go to the bathroom on the peepad! He has the best personality and i couldnt have asked for a more perfect dog!
Im sending along some pictures to show you him and his new home.
Thanks Again for making my llilfe complete with myDex.

Just wanted to give you a quick update on the pup I bought from you. I named him Koda (means friend in Sioux) He is doing good. Real well with his litterbox training. Okay with crate training. Did'nt think too much of it at first, but is adapting. He and Ciara get along well. Ciara thinks I'm hers, but is figuring out that she can share! He loves my grandkids and they him. He is such a little lover. No biting /chewing when playing like Ciara does. Just lots of kisses.
Thak you, he's a sweetie! Mary

I just wanted to let you know that Peanut is doing really well. We love her so much. She's adjusting to us working pretty well. We have her in a huge play area while we are at work and she didn't like ti at first but now when we come home she is resting in her bed. It seems to be going well. John is home with her this week so she will be getting lots of attention. Anyway, I'll attach a few pictures. She has been playing with the kids like they are all part of the same litter. She even gets along with our German Shepherd. She runs and jumps right into his chest area to snuggle in. Bandit, our shepherd, is so great with other pets. It's really funny to see them together. The giant and the little sweet pea! Anyway, I don't know if you can tell in the pictures but she is growing like a weed! I'll stop rambling and thank you for letting us get Peanut. She is loved by us all!
Terra and John

Hi Mary, Just though we'd send you an update and pictures of our Boyd. We have now moved into a house and he's just LOVING the yard and the warm fireplace at night! He's pretty active and we sometimes take him walking with us in the mountains, he LOVES going up hills. We just really wanted to thank you so much for Boyd. He's perfect, loves to snuggle, and is very handsome. We really couldn't imagine life without him now! Hope your move went well and all your pups are happy in their new home! Heather & Pete