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French Bulldog Puppy ~ On Pickup Day

Congratulations on your new French Bulldog baby!!

Here is a good supply list for the car When you come to pickup baby:

1. Crate ( medium size is good.)

2. Soft towels to line the crate, 4-5 extras in case of car sickness or Potty accident.

3. Wet wipes, paper towels for puppy cleanup and plastic grocery bags for poo poo pickup if needed during stops.

4. A couple bottles of water and small dish, can be a plastic storage type as long as it isn't too deep.

5. NewsPaper or weewee pads to lay down on the car floor or trunk area.

This is for "potty on the go" We prefer that you not to expose your new baby to strange ground while you are traveling when they need to relieve themselves.

6. A stretchy ( small section of elastic) kitty collar


Your baby will not be eating on the road, just possibly thirsty. ( unless you are stopping for an overnight stay on your way home), Feeding them while traveling at this age will just contribute to the possibility of car sickness.

You will be given a gift bag when you pick Baby up and an orientation and counseling, you should feel absolutely confident you know what your doing by the time you leave with your new baby! The bag will consist of: a small bag of the current kibble your baby is eating here, and several breed appropriate toys,

Please make sure you become familiar with all the information on the required reading pages!!!!