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French Bulldog Health Guarantee / Sales Contract

Umpqua Valley Kennels LLC (UVK) extends the following warranties, guarantees only to the Purchaser:

UVK guarantees all papers on stated registered puppies. UVK guarantees all puppies to have had all treatments and vaccinations as stated on your puppy's written health record. UVK makes no guarantees of your puppy’s mature size, or that it will be show, or breeding quality. UVK recommends that you Spay/Neuter this puppy between 4 -6 months of age or age based upon a vet’s opinion.

As stated in Oregon Law 2470: “ (6) Notwithstanding sub sections (1) to (5) of this section, a pet dealer (seller) is not required to refund the purchase price for a dog, provide a replacement dog or reimburse the purchaser for veterinary care if the pet dealer:(a) At the time of sale made a clear and conspicuous disclosure in writing, initialed or signed by the purchaser, that disclosed the disease or disorder; or(b) Had the dog examined by a veterinarian not more than 14 days prior to the date of sale and the examination did not disclose the disease or congenital disorder. “ The full content of Oregon Law 2470 can be found on our website,

All UVK puppies are health checked by our veterinary within 14 days of purchase date. The wellness check document is included and part of this contract.

*This contract does NOT cover: any non-life threatening conditions that are considered Common for the Breed of puppy you are purchasing.*

UVK LIMIT OF REFUND LIABILITY: (1) If No later than 5 days after purchasing this puppy from UVK: The purchaser has the dog examined by a veterinarian and the examination (including at least one snap test and a lab analysis) reveals that the dog has contracted:

(a) Parvo. * Parvo Virus is considered “ubiquitous” (existing or being everywhere at the same time: constantly encountered: widespread) and can infect a dog or puppy in any environment. Common incubation time is 3-7 days. Therefore, after 5 days we consider any infection of the puppy to be the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

(b) Intestinal Parasites or Bacteria Including Coccidia and Giardia. These are considered common occurrences found in puppies until their immune system matures.

Puppies can contract any of these diseases from any environment. We take precautions to avoid these conditions and require that you do the same in preparing your home and after receiving your puppy. Instructions for preparation and after purchase care is outlined for you in the “Required Reading Pages”.

(2) If No later than one year after purchasing this puppy from UVK: The purchaser has the dog examined by a veterinarian and the examination reveals that the dog has a life threatening genetic or hereditary disease or defect. UVK does not guarantee against any condition which is not 100% conclusively hereditary.

(3) To qualify for a refund for disease or disorder as stated above: The purchaser, no later than four business days after the dated veterinary examination that revealed the disease or disorder, must:

(a) Provide UVK with a dated written statement by the examining veterinarian that the dog has a Life threatening disease or congenital defect, also any radiographs, lab analysis, all case notes, etc. as it pertains to said condition.

(b) Provide UVK with proof of the sale, including but not limited to, the date of sale. (c) Upon mutual agreement of the purchaser and UVK: UVK may seek a second opinion from a veterinarian of our choosing.

(4) A purchaser that complies with the conditions of this contract may agree that UVK reimburse the purchaser for the cost of veterinary care provided in connection with the disease or congenital disorder as described in this section. The purchaser may also accept a replacement puppy instead of a total refund. The duty of UVK to reimburse the purchaser for the cost of veterinary care shall be limited to the purchase price of the puppy. A purchaser that agrees to accept reimbursement or replacement waives any other claim against UVK for reimbursement of the cost of veterinary care for the puppy. UVK has up to 30 days to complete its investigation and issue the agreed upon reimbursement.

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Purchaser Init.____________


( 1) By choosing to purchase a French Bulldog or French Bulldog hybrid, YOU ARE AGREEING: These breeds have been developed to have specific size and skeletal properties, made possible by a Dwarfism gene. In the French Bulldogs and FrenchBos. It is most often expressed in the spinal formation and respiratory system. (Compression of both the skull and spine, for that flat face and "roach back") There is always a chance the dwarfism gene may be too dominant and morph the body in a more extreme manner than what is healthy for a normal quality of life for the dog.

(2) This contract does NOT cover: ANY condition caused by insufficient care of the puppy after you have responsibility for it. * Insufficient care is considered by us to be care that falls short of what we have instructed you to provide as part of the “required reading pages”.

(3) It is your responsibility to safe guard the puppy’s health and immediately provide medical treatments for it when needed.

Also you agree that you have received a written health record at the time of sale from UVK that has recorded vaccinations/wormings/treatments, with the projected dates to complete the required vaccinations/wormings/treatments needed to protect the puppy’s health.

(4) It is your responsibility to place this puppy in an appropriate home, regardless of financial compensation if:

a. The puppy does not “bond” with you or your family (including other pets)

b. Your living situation changes and you are no longer able to have pets.

c. You change your mind for any reason and do not wish to have the puppy as part of your family.

We are more than happy to assist you with advice on how to do this and pass on contacts of anyone who may be interested in adopting your puppy. Actual screening and agreement of adoption is up to you. Abuse or Surrendering this puppy/dog to a shelter or rescue must NEVER happen. You must contact us immediately if you are no longer able to care for this puppy/dog.

We reserve the right to purchase the puppy back at a substantially reduced price, if you choose to do so.

(5) In the event that UVK determines, in its sole discretion, that you are not providing adequate food, shelter, veterinary care or is otherwise in breach of any of its obligations herein, UVK shall be entitled to take back the dog and make appropriate arrangements for the dog's care and/or re adoption. Should such an event occur, any adoption fee made by you shall be forfeited.

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Purchaser Init.____________

All sales are final and irreversible with the only exceptions being those as stated above. Both the seller and the purchaser agree that this contract and sale of this puppy is under the jurisdiction of the state of Oregon, the county of Douglas.


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