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French Bulldog and FrenchBo Early Notification List

Please read all the info on this page about our Early Notification List:

If you would like to be added to our "Early Notification List", you will be notified by email of new French bulldog puppies that have been born, or news about expected litters.

We have had several upset families on the list report to us of problems in receiving our email newsletters about the puppies. We feel terrible about this, but - once we send the email out, when and how it is delivered thru your email service, is out of our control. Also, If you live in a different time zone than we do, you will be receiving the email newsletter at a different time than 7 pm.

Please add the following email address to your "exceptions" or "white list" to allow our email newsletters to be delivered to your primary inbox, instead of being bounced out and rejected or filtered into another category such as spam or bulk.

Review of our Early Notification List:

Goal: To notify pre-screened potential puppy families of new litters (expected and born) of French Bulldog and FrenchBo Puppies before they are posted as available on our website. Notification is done thru an email newsletter service to all of the folks signed up on the Early Notification List. The email newsletter is sent within 5 to 7 days of Birth. Those folks that receive the email newsletter then have early access to pictures, prices and information about each puppy available, and the option of placing a deposit by telephone. If you call and go to voice mail, calls are returned in the order they are received.

Deposits are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

How this goal is achieved:

1.) Interested folks can sign up by clicking on a link that I send in an email or we can manually add them to the list. (Folks signing up are pre-screened by telephone interview or by a physical visit to our place)

2.) When we have news of expected litters or new litters born, a newsletter is sent out.

3.) If it is a newsletter pertaining to a new litter born, it will be sent on any day that falls between Monday and Thursday, at 7 pm, when the pups are 5 to 7 days of age.

4.) Acceptance of deposits is possible by telephone only, for the remainder of that evening.

5.) If folks are no longer interested in receiving of email newsletter about French bulldog or FrenchBo puppies, every newsletter has an "unsubscribe" option.

6.) At approximately 1 1/2 to 2 weeks of age, puppies are listed on our website.

**We Do Not:**

* Accept advance deposits for unborn puppies.

* Accept deposits from folks until they have at least the pictures or examined the puppies in person or by PuppyCam-telephone coordinated Interview.

* Choose a puppy for you. (No "sight unseen" sales!)

* Accept deposits based on when you signed up for the short list

**** Watch Our Live PuppyCams Page - *** This is VERY important if you want early pick of puppies when they are born!! ** You are also welcome to call us for updates if you are not sure about what you might be seeing on camera.


After much discussion and by request of our puppy families that live quite a distance from us -*** YOU MAY CHOOSE A PUPPY BY VIEWING THEM ON THE PUPPYCAM BUT WE MUST BE ON THE PHONE WITH YOU - AS IF YOU WERE HERE IN PERSON!!!


1.) Call 541-459-5951 - if we do not answer we are most likely on the phone with another family. Please leave a message, we will call you back in the order messages were left.

2.) Once you are on the telephone with us, we will hold each puppy or the puppy you are interested in up to the camera so you have a clear view.

3.) If you decide to place a deposit on a puppy (with a debit or credit card), you will have 30 mins courtesy hold on that puppy to complete the deposit. After 30 mins the hold is lifted and the puppy is considered available.

This is from Birth to BEFORE the email newsletter goes out at 5-7 days of age!!!!!!! ***

We are so happy you are considering our puppies and supporting our Kennel, Please let us know right away if we can ever answer any questions for you about us, our procedures and of course our dogs and puppies!


What we are looking for when considering a new home/family for one of our puppies:

1. Maturity - You must be over 18 or a legal representative for the intended owner to purchase a puppy AND be of reasonable intelligence.

2. You must be able to demonstrate that you are secure financially, mentally and emotionally to purchase a pup and provide for the lifetime needs ( 15 to 20 years) and to maintain an excellent quality of life for the dog.

3. You must be able to commit to ALWAYS providing a safe and nurturing environment for the dog regardless of whether it be in a social setting,at home or while traveling.

4. You must be dedicated to following ALL instructions from us as to the care your new puppy will need as he/she joins your family. ***THIS INCLUDES TAKING THE TIME TO READ ALL THE "REQUIRED READING" BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR NEW PUPPY HOME!.***

5. We must feel that you are being honest about your reasons for wanting a particular puppy and the lifestyle you intend to provide for him/her.

6. We advocate spay and neuter operations and hope you do too, as a way to provide a healthier, happier life for your pet and help curb needless pet overpopulation problems.